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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Weight Loss / Fat Loss from a Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Perspective

Weight loss / fat loss looks DIFFERENT when you're seeing a functional or naturopathic doctor. In the best way.

When folks come to see us and one of their number one goals is weight loss or fat loss, they're usually surprised that we don't tell them to eat less and move more.

Instead, we focus on getting a deep understanding of their goals and values + doing a very deep dive into their unique biochemistry, physiology, health and lifestyle.

Then, we work to heal the root cause and remove roadblocks to healing so that they naturally feel better and thrive.

This might include

optimizing their sleep 😴

healing their metabolism 🔥

making sure they're truly nourished with micronutrients 🍎

identifying food sensitivities🥚

working on their relationship with their body and food ❤️

and more

Sometimes the natural side effect of a whole person health plan is fat loss if you have excess fat that you were carrying as a result of a metabolic or other health issue.

But that's not usually our focus.

Instead our major goals are that you

feel better 💪

get to eat tasty food that keeps you full,

and that you are empowered with a revolutionary understanding of your whole body health and metabolism.

We want you feeling joyful and energetic.

We want you thriving and full of confidence in your strength and selfhood.

We want you feeling like you have complete ownership of your life back.

That's found in way more than just a number on the scale.

And it's going to be completely individual to you. That's what we care most about.

The natural side effect of health and truly good nutrition is that you get to live in a body that feels good for you.

You deserve that. You deserve a joyful way to get there. You deserve a way that honors you and your preferences and your lifestyle and your values.

We're here to give you that.

You can schedule Discovery call with us or just get started today If you want or truly different approach that focuses on the whole you.


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