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Natural Cure Brain Fog: Selene's Story


Brain Fog & Fatigue

"When traditional medicine couldn't address my fatigue, fogginess and acute abdominal pain, I decided to give naturopathic medicine a try. It's been a lot of work changing my habits but from the beginning, Dr Kate was able to give me relief for many of my chronic symptoms. Once the fogginess and fatigue left, I have been able to take on other challenges. I still have a ways to go, but every month I keep improving and that keeps me motivated. 

Natural Treatment Hashimoto's


Hashimoto's & Fatigue

"Dr. Kate has helped me in more ways than one. For anyone struggling with Hashimoto's, an autoimmune disease, knows how hard and frustrating times can get when it comes to your health. There have been many days when you get out of bed after 10 hours of sleep and still feeling exhausted, months at the gym trying to lose weight with no outcome, and eating a healthy clean diet to try to get back into the best shape with no results.When meeting Dr. Kate I have had such a pleasant experience where she truly cares and wants to get me better. We have discussed the appropriate supplements for my body to replenish my thyroid. She consistently checks in on me to see how I am feeling and is willing to talk at any time to address some potential concerns of mine. Now, I am waking up feeling ready for my day, my bloating has decreased significantly, and I am maintaining a healthy diet that is working for my body. I recommend Dr. Kate to anyone is looking for a solution to long-term health concerns!"

Food as Medicine: Lexi's Story


Exercise & Food

"Wow! She’s amazing!!! Dr. Kate’s mind body medicine healing through natural supplements and life style changes is amazing. From our first appointment she created for me a perfect meal and supplement plan that helped get me where I should be health wise. Not only has she helped with my depression, anxiety, and overall mood, but also with my physical appearance! The meal plan, exercise, and supplements she recommended has helped me feel and look my best everyday. Thank you so much Dr. Kate!"

Confident Woman

Chronic Constipation

Melissa healed her decades-long constipation using a natural, gentle, inexpensive, effective approach that worked in less than a month! You can read her whole story here.

Natural Cure Migraines and Anxiety: Lindsey's Story


Migraines & Anxiety

"I cannot say enough amazing things about Dr. Kate! Dr. Kate has helped me in more ways than I can count! When I first came to her, my nutrition was all over the place, I was getting headaches almost every day, and my gut health was not where it needed to be. With Dr. Kate’s holistic approach, she has been able to change my diet, provide me with supplementation and even taught me how to breath correctly. Who knew there was a right way to breathe! Before all of these changes, I was feeling nauseous and sick practically every single day, which made me miserable! These changes have helped me improve my gut health, headaches, and anxiety. I am no longer waking up feeling sick to my stomach, I only get headaches maybe once a month, and using the correct way to breath has decreased my anxiety tremendously!

With Doctor Kate you not only get to improve your health, but you get to meet someone who truly cares about you and your well-being. During my appointments with Dr. Kate, I never felt like I wasn’t being heard nor did she make me feel like my symptoms were in my head (which I have experienced many times with past doctors). She genuinely wanted to help, and see me succeed in my health goals. Overall, Kate is an AMAZING doctor that I would absolutely recommend to anyone in need!"

Natural Cure Allergies and Fatigue

Thomas was having unpredictable bouts of fatigue that felt like low blood sugar but - mysteriously - weren't. We found the root cause and fixed it along with his allergies. You can read his story here.

Lose Weight and Heal Depression: Sam's Story


Weight & Mood

"Attention anyone who has struggled with their weight their entire life! That was me until a few months ago! I am someone who used to play softball in high school, walked everywhere, and generally thought I was a healthy human being. Then college hit, along with trauma, depression, etc. I gained a lot of weight and couldn’t seem to get it off for years.Two years ago, I seriously started my fitness journey - personal training, going to the gym a few times a week, etc., but I barely saw a change. To me, what I was eating wasn’t terrible - or at least it wasn’t fast food every day. I didn’t realize until 3 months ago that things were desperately missing from my diet/lifestyle.For the past 6 months, I had been going to the gym regularly - 5x a week. Barely saw results other than muscle. Then, Dr. Kate Henry assessed my health, previous medical history, and came up with a meal plan that not only addressed my issues, but left me feeling happy with what I was eating and almost too full to finish it all!After two months of following the meal plan that Dr. Kate Henry had given me, I had dropped over 20 pounds of fat, while still gaining muscle from going to the gym 5-6x per week. The only major change that I had made in my life was what I was eating. I realized through Dr. Kate’s explanation that I wasn’t getting the macros and micros necessary to really take advantage of my active lifestyle and see the results I had desperately desired.In addition to finally seeing results, I noticed an immense decrease in the amount of times I felt depressed or anxious throughout the day/week, felt much more energized throughout the day, and other people started to notice!Please do yourself a favor and invest in yourself! I wish I had gone to Dr. Kate years ago with my issues, but regardless I’m glad that I did now. Change your life in a realistic way and become the person you were always meant to be!"

Wearing White T-Shirt

Jen lowered her total cholesterol by 90 points using non-pharmaceutical interventions in just a few months. Read how she did it!

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