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  • Dr. Kate Henry

NEDA Week: Shining a Light on New Approaches to Eating Disorder Recovery

Dear friends,

This week marks National Eating Disorders Awareness (NEDA) Week, a time to acknowledge the challenges faced by individuals struggling with eating disorders and advocate for improved support and treatment options.

As many of us are aware, the landscape of eating disorder treatment is constantly evolving. While traditional approaches have offered some success, there's growing recognition of the need to consider a more comprehensive approach.

Excitingly, research is shedding more light on the potential role of biological factors, including

in contributing to eating disorders.

This new understanding opens doors for exploring innovative treatment options that address both the psychological and biological aspects of these complex conditions.

One such advocate for a more holistic approach is Dr. James Greenblatt, a psychiatrist with extensive experience in treating eating disorders. His work underscores the importance of identifying and addressing potential underlying biological factors that may be contributing to an individual's struggles.

We spoke to him on the Root Cause Medicine podcast about the New Approach to Eating Disorders this week.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, we encourage you to explore the resources available, including Dr. Greenblatt's work.

There is hope, and there are dedicated professionals leading the way towards more effective treatment options.


Dr. Kate


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