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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Support Naturopathic Doctors in Pennsylvania

Did you know that people in Washington state and Vermont can use their insurance to see Naturopathic doctors and even choose an ND as their primary care provider? 😲 We think Pennsylvanians deserve this same choice and have been in talks with the Board of Medicine to make this happen!

How you can help:

We need your help before March 1 to let the Independent Regulatory Review Commission of Pennsylvania know that Pennsylvania wants a choice in their healthcare in Pennsylvania. The IRCC will be making the decision whether or not to allow PA ND's to have registration, which is an essential next step in allowing naturopathic doctors to one day accept insurance, provide primary care and more. You can 1. Send an email to email: with the subject Subject:  Regulation #16A-4953: Registration of Naturopathic Doctors

Suggested Letter Text:

Dear Chairman George D. Bedwick and Independent Regulatory Review Commission Members: I am contacting you to voice my support for the regulation implementing the Naturopathic Doctors Registration Act (Regulation #16A-4953: Registration of Naturopathic Doctors). This regulation will allow Naturopathic Doctors in Pennsylvania to work with patients who can be assured of a Naturopathic Doctor's training, background, and proper regulation. This final-form regulation also contains language that correctly distinguishes Naturopathic Doctors from other various lay practitioners in the Commonwealth. This was accomplished by the PA State Board of Medicine voting to strike section 18.907(b) of the regulation which the PA Association of Naturopathic Physicians has been supportive of.  Feel free to make this your own / add your own text after this! 2. Donate You can donate to the Pennsylvania Association of Naturopathic Physicians to support the critical work of advocating for policy change at a state level here. No amount is too small! Even $10 makes a huge difference. With your help, we can make naturopathic medicine accessible to al Pennsylvanians. Thank you so very much and be well! Warmly ❤️ Dr. Kate


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