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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Natural Options for ADHD

Updated: Mar 2

I'm so pumped to be teaching Rupa's 6 week course on Natural Supports for ADHD along with Dr. Kelly Heim and Dr. James Greenblatt beginning next week!

  1. ADHD criteria, diagnosis, impact and root cause physiology

  2. Micronutrient therapies for ADHD

  3. Evidence-based supplement, herb, exerciser and mindfulness interventions for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

  4. Understanding drug-nutrient interactions in ADHD

  5. Creating effective food and lifestyle plans for clients

This course is for clinicians and I'm so pumped that more healthcare workers will be empowered to use these safe effective tools after this course to help heal the world.

If you're not a clinician, you can still learn from me about ADHD!

Watch / listen

  1. Our podcast with Dr. James Greenblatt about natural psychiatry for ADHD.

  2. Cronometer's podcast on food-as-medicine for ADHD

  3. My podcast with Dr. Axe where we talk about his own journey with ADHD and natural options for managing mental health disorders.

  4. Short video on supplements for ADHD 👇

Big hugs!

Dr. Kate


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