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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Not Crazy, Not Lazy. Just Inflamed / Infected.

Dr. Gary Kaplan specializes in helping people find the root cause of complex chronic illness including autoimmunity and severe mental health disorders.

He joined us on the Root Cause Medicine podcast this week to teach us the science behind the "mystery" chronic disorders that now impact millions of people each year.

After spending an hour with Dr. Gary, I truly believe that he and his team just might save the world. 😊 I'm so grateful that theKaplan Center for Integrative Medicine is helping people with chronic and mental health issues to truly be seen, heard and helped so that they can heal. I'm really comforted that his clinic has over a dozen locations to help people who want to heal their mental health issues for good in multiple states across the U.S.

You'll hear the stories of people with hallucinations and crushing fatigue who Dr. Gary helped heal by finding their root cause. Or rage attacks who's issues were due to a rarely-checked-for infection.

Dr. Gary will also teach you how inflammation affects your brain and immune system, and how to find a doctor who will do the detective work to see what root-cause issues may be affecting you or your loved ones.

If you or someone you care about have chronic fatigue, a mental health disorder or an autoimmune disease, make sure to bookmark and listen. This episode will change your life!


Dr. Kate


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