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  • Dr. Kate Henry

New Podcast: Food-as-Medicine to Help Heal Mental Health Conditions - Helping People Thrive

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Thank you so much to Dr. Carrie Jones and the awesome team at RUPA health for helping me democratize access to good medicine so that people everywhere can use food to heal from mental health disorders and thrive.

The information we shared on this podcast covers

  • how to use food to make dopamine, serotonin, and GABA

  • some root causes of anxiety, depression and insomnia

  • why our approach is unique and always includes an 80-point nutrient analysis

  • why you haven't heard of nutrient therapy for depression and anxiety before

Our goal with this podcast was to give you 45 minutes of life-changing information that you can use to help you and your family heal depression, anxiety and insomnia so that you can thrive and help others thrive, too.

Listen here and then let me know what you think :)

If you want to get the Sanare Functional Medicine team on your side so that we can help you thrive, schedule your Discovery Call today.


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