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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Integrative Oncology with Dr. Sonia Malani

If your or a loved one have cancer, you should know how to eat and which supplements to take to increase your chances of remission and to help you feel your best during chemo, radiation and surgery.

Dr. Sonia Malani is a board certified naturopathic oncologist who joined us today to talk about integrative oncology and how it can help people with cancer and those who love them.

This means combining the best of conventional oncology (surgery, chemo and radiation) with the best of naturopathic oncology (herbal medicine, IV therapy, nutrition, supplements, dietary changes, lifestyle and more) to get the best outcomes possible for people with cancer.

Integrative oncology is a board certification that takes years of study and practice to obtain. It's an advanced specialty and you truly need an expert if you're looking for cancer care. Dr. Malani spent years in an integrative oncology residency and fellowship and is now an integrative oncology outcomes researcher in addition to a clinician who's successfully helped hundreds of people with cancer. She's uniquely qualified to advise you about the evidence-based interventions that will truly work for you or your loved one.

Some powerful evidence for integrative oncology

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If you or someone you know is dealing with a cancer diagnosis, please schedule a Discovery Call with Dr. Malani to learn how you can use natural medicine to complement the care you're already receiving so that you can heal and thrive!

You can also see Dr. Ana and I as part of your care for other health conditions and we'll work collaboratively with Dr. Malani to get you the best of all worlds.


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