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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Dr. Kate & Marc Hayford Talk Medicine & Motivation on the Get Up Power Hour

The minute you meet Marc Hayford you start to smile. He's a like a walking ray of sunshine and is a leader when it comes to encouraging people to live their best lives.

Marc is a two time best selling author, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur. His mission statement is to showcase a higher vision of not what is probable, but what is possible. Marc is a veteran of the US armed forces, a former professional wrestling referee, and a current DJ for his own company, as well as a head football coach for middle school. He has been featured on many platforms including radio, podcasts and television for his books “Get Up” and “365 Days Of Encouraging You To Attack Life.”

We connected a few weeks ago through our love of natural health and our desire to help people reach their full potential.

You can listen to our fun, informative, inspiring chat here.

  • Minutes 1-15: Marc hits you with tons of inspiration and insight into his mission

  • 15-30: My story, how natural medicine saved my life & how it can help others

  • 30-45: What's wrong in medicine today & how we can fix it

  • 45-60: Why I designed my clinic around connection & what exactly we do at my clinic to help people transform their health.

When you're done listening you'll want to buy Marc's books to give to everyone you love :)

You can grab them on his site.

My hope is that after this interview you'll have a great idea of if I'm the right doctor for you. I'd love to get to know you. Book your Discovery Call to have a free, friendly 15 minute chat with me about what we can do, together, for your health.

Warmth & wellness,

Dr. Kate


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