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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Evidence for Nutrients in Preventing Severe Illness in COVID-19

Updated: Feb 22

With COVID-19 infection rates on the rise, I'm asking all of my clients (and loved ones),

"How prepared do you want your immune system to be when you are (re)exposed to COVID?"

Their answers:

"I want to be the most protected I possible can be, and I'd like to use my diet to help with that."

"I want my immune system to be working at it's peak because I know I'll be exposed soon."

"My kids are almost certainly going to be exposed. How do I help them fight this virus with all of their might?"

Nutrition-wise, we now know that these nutrients appear to be among the most effective chemical compounds on earth when it comes to preventing severe illness in people exposed to a wide variety of viruses, including COVID-19.

Many Americans think they consume enough of these vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and polyphenols. As you'll see, however, it's actually far more common than not to have a diet that's deficient in more than a few of them (even if you're overweight).

For reference, MOST of the clients who walk into my clinic are barely getting about 3% RDI of vitamin D.

It's rare to see anyone who meets more than 40% RDI of Vitamin A or vitamin C.

Iron is the #2 nutrient deficiency in the U.S.

Do I have to go on?

Having a "healthy, balanced" diet that's still low in these nutrients is not only possible, it's common.