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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Abdominal Migraines

Abdominal migraines are a condition that most doctors don't even know about.

When they happen, they're debilitating and painful. You can read more about abdominal migraines in this article from Yale Medical that details the symptoms that many people experience.

Often, people are told that they have IBS or anxiety and are prescribed meds that don't work.

If you have severe abdominal pain that occurs almost like a migraine -- out of the blue, every few weeks -- and that doesn't respond to medications, chat with your doctor about an evaluation for abdominal migraines and feel free to schedule a Discovery Call with our practice to learn natural treatments for it!

In our experience, abdominal migraines often respond to a comprehensive protocol that includes addressing nutrient deficiencies, food allergies / sensitivities, gut health, sleep and stress management.

You can heal from and prevent abdominal migraines.

We're happy to help.


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