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  • Dr. Kate Henry

What's an Oura Ring and Why Should I Use One?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

If you've heard me talk about biofeedback, HRV, the vagus nerve (or all three at my latest presentations), then you've probably heard me talk about the Oura ring.

It's a wearable that tracks HRV, sleep and readiness.

Bonus - you can wear it as a ring instead of a watch or strap like most other trackers available on the market.

It's an incredible tool for gaining insight into your rest, breath and overall health.

I use mine every day and love it.

Oura ring just emailed me a 30% coupon to offer to 3 clients.

Whoever claims these 3 discounts first - they're all yours!

I don't make money from this; just want to pass along whatever savings I can to you guys.

Be well, sleep enough, and take your vitamin D :)


Dr. Kate

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