Clear and direct consultation, education and ongoing support made my experience top-notch! Thank you Dr. Kate Henry! (MR)

Wow! She’s amazing!!! Dr. Kate’s mind body medicine healing through natural supplements and life style

changes is amazing. From our first appointment she created for me a perfect meal and supplement plan that helped get me where I should be health wise. Not only has she helped with my depression, anxiety, and overall mood, but also with my physical appearance! The meal plan, exercise, and supplements she recommended has helped me feel and look my best everyday. Thank you so much Dr. Kate! (AG)

What I love about working with Dr. Henry is that she looks at the **root cause** and the **whole person.** Then she reaches into her extensive toolkit to create a treatment plan tailored to each. individual. patient. It could be botanical medicine, functional medicine, nutrition, mindfulness, lifestyle changes, medical biofeedback, counseling ... and much more. This mind-body-spirit approach nurtures patients. Her kind, thoughtful approach is good for the soul, too! (NM)

Dr. Kate Henry is an excellent doctor and honorable person. She has always made me feel like a priority as a patient! Dr. Kate takes the time to know each patient, their history, and goals in order to create a comprehensive and achievable plan. She is an empathetic doctor with strong morals and a heart of gold. She is understanding and nonjudgemental. I highly recommend Dr. Kate Henry! (RM)

Dr. Kate is very kind and amazing at listening to what you are going though. She is honest and explains everything in detail so that I thoroughly understand why I may be feeling how I am feeling or why we are treating issues this way. I never feel like I am just another patient, I always have her 100% attention throughout our entire session. She never cuts me off if we go long and is attentive to my needs. 10/10 would recommend! (SJ)

Dr. Henry is extremely knowledgeable and cares so much about her patients. I’ve lived with a chronic health condition for years and feel like I’m finally beginning on a journey to true healing under her guidance. I highly recommend her! (SD)

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