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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Welcome Ally, Integrative RD!

Ally Cantando is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for healing the body through food. Ally obtained her Bachelor’s degree in nutrition & dietetics from West Chester University in 2019. She graduated with her Master’s in community nutrition in 2020. Allison went on to complete her Dietetic Internship, where she logged 1000+ supervised practice hours in the clinical, community and foodservice settings. She worked with patients of all ages, dealing with various disease states from diabetes to heart disease, traumatic brain injuries, eating disorders, cancer, HIV, and more. Ally has a wide range of experience that has shaped her teachings and work with clients. She loves to cook and can usually be found creating new, delicious recipes when she’s not in the office.

Ally is thrilled to be joining the Sanare Functional Medicine team to help people THRIVE using nutrition and food. She’ll be bringing her expertise to our team through

  • 1-1 nutrition appointments

  • classes and workshops

  • long-term programs

Ally is incredibly passionate about helping people who have mental health and gut issues. She’s a great resource for tasty recipes, is always trying out new dishes and baked goods. If you want to get her on your team, set up your visit at !

You can check out the tasty recipes Ally shares on her instagram

If you're an existing client and want to schedule with Ally, please visit our page and select her initial visit option. If you're a new client, you automatically get to work with Ally as part of the first phase of your plan. Check out the new site to learn more and schedule!

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Nicole Kosh
Nicole Kosh
Feb 18, 2022

Yay!! Hi Ally and Kate! :) I've recently added a lot more celery to my diet, per Tony Robbins' health-guy. Love your videos. Thanks for sharing this through video.

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