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  • Dr. Kate Henry

We're Launching MORE 21 Day Restarts!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

You asked. We listened!

You guys wanted more programs with more start dates, live workouts and more varied support options. So, we're launching more programs in August with all of those changes.

Kaitlin O'Malley (otherwise known as KO and the talented owner of Invictus Fitness) and I have teamed up to offer you an incredible way to restart your health. This program is custom-designed to make success inevitable. We're including naturopathic nutrition, meal-planning, customized vitamin and supplement plans, individualized personal training and a community aspect that makes achieving your goals exciting and fun.

Along the way, you'll have chances to win prizes like

  • A one-on-one makeover session with the incredible makeup artist Kylie Hawkins

  • Free supplements from Bullfrog Nutrition

  • Vegan, gluten free protein powder for healthy smoothies from Arbonne Independent Consultant Nina Malone

You've got two options at incredibly affordable price points to join the 21 Day Restart, which runs from August 17 - September 6.

It should be clarified - this is not (just) a weight loss program or a fitness challenge. It's a chance to fully re-engage with your health, mind-body and spirit, so that you can feel the best you've ever felt. Food, movement / exercise, sleep, supplements, mindfulness, and more are the tools we'll use to craft your unique plan to get you there. Along the way, we provide you with the support you truly need to make your goals possible. If your goal is more peace, we'll get you there. Want to build muscle? We've got that covered, too. We're here to help, however you need.

Sign up here.

You can contact me if you've got more questions. I can't wait to see you in the program!

Warmth & Wellness,

Dr. Kate


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