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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Movement & Medicine Chat w Dr. Gabe

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

A big thank you to Dr. Gabe and the team at Kinetic Physical Therapy for having me on their show to talk about movement and medicine! The recorded version is now available at

I'm a huge fan of physical therapy because I've seen it change so many of my patients' lives for the better. When we're able to correct underlying structural issues in the body, pain levels go down, blood flow improves, and physical issues that have been plaguing people for years can finally heal.

Physical therapists have doctorate-level education and are the true experts in healing physical ailments from the inside-out. Whether you want to decrease pain, improve performance, or increase mobility, stability and balance, they're your best allies and are a natural part of any truly integrative health team. Kinetic Physical Therapy is an awesome group to work with and they take pretty much all insurance plans. The bonus is that, in Pennsylvania, you don't even need a referral from your primary care doctor to go see them. You can just schedule your first consult and get started!

Dr. Gabe and I connected over our passion for using medicine to truly improve people's lives. In our chat we talk about

  • Why truly personalized medicine requires one-on-one time with your doctor (minutes 3-10)

  • Why we chose to study the types of medicine we did (11-16)

  • Why no one doctor knows it all and the smartest doctors we know always reach across the aisle and work in integrative teams (17-20)

  • What appointment are like at my practice (20-22)

  • Why it's not your fault if meditation hasn't worked for you and how I use technology / biofeedback to help people learn to breathe and relax (22 - 24)

  • Why I'm starting a non-profit to bring you expertise from everywhere & out-of-the-box answers to common medical issues (27-31)

  • Why a doctor who's driven by your story and your outcome is the best type of doctor to have in your corner (31-34)

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

If you're inspired to join my practice as a client and want to know more about how our partnership could look, schedule your discovery call with me so that we can talk about what we can do - together - for your health.

Warmth & wellness,

Dr. Kate


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