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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Mike's Story: Treating ADHD Naturally

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Mike's story is proof that you can improve ADHD symptoms using natural medicine.

Whether you take stimulant meds to manage ADHD or not, the choices you make with food, nutrition, movement and sleep can make the difference between feeling the "medication crash", brain fog, inconsistent appetite, focus, happiness and more.

Mike came to our clinic years ago already taking ADHD meds - but they hadn't solved his issues. In fact, he was suffering a lot. He had fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, mood swings, weight gain and more.

In a few months, we got him feeling superhuman using a meal plan that worked for him, supplements that made his meds work better, and an eating and sleep schedule that felt easy.

This stuff doesn't have to be hard.

Mike's story is proof that it works.

Thanks to Rupa Health for publishing it and for helping us to spread the message that there's hope and healing out there for people with ADHD.

If you or a loved one have ADHD and are wondering what you can do, read Mike's story about treating ADHD naturally and then schedule a Discovery Call to get us on your team so that we can get you thriving!