Men's Health, Bodybuilding and Nutrition with Coach Michael Henry

There are many myths about men's health, hormones and weightlifting.

Some of the worst are that starving yourself and taking unregulated supplements are the way to add muscle, feel better, or get energy.


Guys, PLEASE allow Michael and I to introduce to a different, safer, cheaper, more effective and fun way to reach your goals.

Skip to minute 3 if you want to get straight to the content.

@meetcoachmichael is proof that this method works. Check out his Instagram and listen to our talk for more.

Hit him up if you're in Washington state and want a custom plan to feel better, get stronger, and be the happiest, most resilient version of you.

If you're elsewhere in the country, consider doing our next 21 Day Restart, which gives you virtual access to nutrition and personal training along with the option for premade meals delivered straight to your door.

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