Male Fertility with Dr. Leah Gordon

Updated: Jul 15

Male fertility factors play a role in 45% of infertility cases in the U.S. each year. 80% of those cases are attributable to issues with sperm and semen quality, which are often effectively treated using a combination of diet, lifestyle and nutrient interventions.

Dr. Leah Gordon is a naturopathic and functional medicine doctor who specializes in root-cause women’s hormonal health, low libido, preconception, and fertility care. She is the owner of Womanhood Wellness and Tribe Medicine, she is a founding medical advisor for Needed, a pregnancy-focused nutrition company, and a passionate speaker and educator. Dr. Leah is also a mama-to-be, after navigating infertility with her husband for almost 7 years.

Dr. Leah is committed to guiding, educating, and inspiring women along their womanhood journeys so that they can be the best version of themselves, and they can cause a ripple effect of healing for their children, future children, families, and communities. Because she practices fertility medicine, men have become a major focus of her practice as well.