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Male Fertility with Dr. Leah Gordon

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Male fertility factors play a role in 45% of infertility cases in the U.S. each year. 80% of those cases are attributable to issues with sperm and semen quality, which are often effectively treated using a combination of diet, lifestyle and nutrient interventions.

Dr. Leah Gordon is a naturopathic and functional medicine doctor who specializes in root-cause women’s hormonal health, low libido, preconception, and fertility care. She is the owner of Womanhood Wellness and Tribe Medicine, she is a founding medical advisor for Needed, a pregnancy-focused nutrition company, and a passionate speaker and educator. Dr. Leah is also a mama-to-be, after navigating infertility with her husband for almost 7 years.

Dr. Leah is committed to guiding, educating, and inspiring women along their womanhood journeys so that they can be the best version of themselves, and they can cause a ripple effect of healing for their children, future children, families, and communities. Because she practices fertility medicine, men have become a major focus of her practice as well.

In our chat about male fertility and we covered the following topics:

1:00 How common are male fertility issues?

4:00 What are the factors involved in male fertility?

7:00 What do we know about natural interventions for male fertility and their success rates?

12:00 Lifestyle Medicine in Fertility Sleep Stress Testosterone Fat

15:00 Nutrition for Fertility

20:00 Oxidative Stress What does it mean and what can we do about it?

21:00 Semen Analysis Comprehensive profile What morphology, motility, count and DNA fragmentation mean for you and your fertility.

25:00 Herbs & Nutrients for Improving Semen Markers:

26:00 Should You Do a Sperm Analysis at Home?

30:00 Fertility is a Reflection of Whole Person Health

31:00 How a Doctor Can Help You With This

Dr. Leah and I both have solutions for folks who are looking to optimize their feriltity.

To learn more about Dr. Leah and her programs, visit or . You can also Get the Moon Medicine Course for a discount for a limited time using your code DrKate!


It is Dr. Kate's greatest joy to help others feel fully alive and healthy in their bodies, souls, and relationships. You can learn more about her at and schedule a free Discovery Call to chat with her for 15 minutes about your health, your vision, and how she can get you there.



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