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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Lifting Heavy Things!

Do you remember Laura Khoudari's book Lifting Heavy Things when it went viral in 2020?

I've shared this book with so many of you since then and the feedback I've gotten is,

"This is the first book I read about trauma that didn't feel triggering and instead felt therapeutic."
"I had no idea how strong I could feel until this book inspired me to start lifting."

It even guided Gabe and I on our journey to launch the Freedom Barbell club, where we used many of the techniques Laura mentioned to help people double their strength while improving their mood, confidence, sense of calm and even some new friendships. 😊 Also stay tuned, big things coming with Freedom Barbell in 2024!

Laura came on the podcast the other day to talk about Lifting Heavy Things and you can listen to it now!

Laura has a really easy way to making you feel like you're just dropping into a conversation with two close friends, even as she tackles some of the most important and complex topics. 😊

We covered

  • How to widen your window of tolerance so that you're less triggered, less often and you can live from your values

  • How you can use movement to heal even if you hate exercise

  • Somatic experiencing

  • Embodied movement

  • Why yoga and meditation are not the only ways to heal from trauma

If you like listening in on meaningful conversations, you'll love this episode.

Tune in with a warm cup of tea ☕ or while you're doing some chores and let me know what you think!

If someone you love comes to mind while you're listening, send it over to them as well.

You never know what a difference it will make!


Dr. Kate


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