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  • Dr. Kate Henry

How to talk to your kids about what happened during the football game last night

If you were watching the football game last night with your kids, then you know that what you both witness was upsetting and traumatizing.

There's an evidence-based way to have a conversation with your kids about what happened that will allow them to process it and move forward as effectively as possible.

Even if your kids didn't watch the game, they are certainly hearing about it from other kids today.

To help your kids, a trauma-informed conversation looks like

  1. Naming the emotions you've experienced around the event

  2. Explaining what happened in a time and place-based way

  3. Doing something about it

I model for you in 5 minutes how this could look.

You can talk about yesterday's event in a way that helps to grow your kid into a healthy, empathetic, empowered and responsible adult. This is one way.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones today.


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