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  • Dr. Kate Henry

How to Schedule + Meet Dr. Ana

When you see one of us, you see all of us!

You can always schedule with anyone on our team today to keep you moving forward (and get a fresh set of eyes on your case).

I highly recommend you see Dr. Ana between our appointments to get the best of Naturopathic, Functional and Traditional Chinese Medicine options for you.

She's able to see your entire chart, history, and what we've done, and will talk with me about your case before seeing you. She's incredibly well-trained and I trust her with my friends, family and you :)

Schedule a follow up today

Additionally, some of you have called in with questions about how to schedule.

You should always use this link to schedule

You should not try to use the Healthie portal, which is only for documents and video programs.

If you have questions, call 610-344-9600 and one of our friendly intake department care coordinators can help you.

We can't wait to see you again!


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