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  • Dr. Kate Henry

How to Help a Loved One Who's in a Toxic Relationship

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

A big thank you to Amelia, the Director of Education of the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County,

for talking to us about unhealthy relationships, red flags, and how we can help ourselves or loved ones who are in a toxic situation.

Here's a quick overview of what we discussed.

  1. Full Definition of Toxic

  2. Definition of Domestic Violence

  3. Why People Stay

  4. What Helps People Leave

  5. What You Can Do (for Yourself or a Loved One)

The DVCCC is a 45 year old organization that gives free legal, housing, counseling and other vital assistance to survivors in Chester County. They are the experts, and I highly recommend you contact them if you need help. One of their most amazing programs is the FREE 24/7 HOTLINE where you can call to get anonymous perspective (on your or another person's situation), advice and help immediately.

If you guys are my clients, then you've heard me say this before:

The toxicity of any situation is determined by the impact it has on you, mind, body and spirit.

If it makes you sick, stressed, hurt or worried constantly,

then it will absolutely interfere with your ability to heal and be your healthiest self.

This is why healing and maximizing the health of close relationships

is ALWAYS part of the work of any good doctor-client recovery program.

As you can tell by Amelia's warmth, candor, and expertise, then folks at DVCCC are the experts when it comes to healing from toxic relationships.

Please consider calling DVCCC, volunteering with them, or donating to support their important work.

If you're someone who's not worried about this but you need more meaning and purpose in your life, then DVCCC is also a good organization for you. Through your work with them, you'll be making a major difference in the lives of people who truly need it. That's good medicine, too.

Thank you, DVCCC and Amelia, for all you do and for sharing this vital information with us.

If you need a doctor who understands the whole you and how important relationships are, schedule a free Discovery Call to get me on your team today.


Dr. Kate


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