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  • Dr. Kate Henry

How to Beat Depression

If you were born in a human body, it's your birthright to understand how to use the things naturally found on our planet to make it work.

In this masterclass of a podcast episode, Dr. Tyna Moore and I dive deep on the nutrients, foods, exercises and more that are proven to improve symptoms of depression and anxiety just as much as pharmaceuticals.

0:06:25 - Nutrition's Impact on Mental Health

0:14:53 - SSRIs' Impact on Serotonin and Inflammation

0:21:43 - Importance of B6 in Dopamine Production

0:31:01 - Zinc and Where to Find It

0:34:48 - Omega-3s and Anger

0:44:15 - Teaching Nutrition and Whole Food Importance

0:50:16 - The Role of GABA and Nutrition

1:11:38 - Special Diet Meal Planning Tool

1:17:46 - Functional Medicine and Role of Technology

1:40:40 - The Power of Exercise and Nutrition

If you're searching for answers about how to improve your mood naturally, this episode is for you.

If you know someone who's looking to beat depression but hasn't found answers yet, please send them this post. It may just change their entire life!

Man sitting on couch with head in his hands
How to Beat Depression with Dr. Kate and Dr. Tyna

Please remember, nothing in this episode is medical advice. However, you can take the education your receive from Dr. Tyna and I and use it to have an informed conversation with your doctor or RD so that you can develop the most personalized, effective plan possible.

I'm so thankful to Rupa and for making this educational class free to anyone who wants to listen.

If you want to learn more about functional medicine lab testing and treatment, head on over to today.

Lots of love,

Dr. Kate


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