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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Healthy as a Mother: The New Podcast

My brilliant colleagues @drleahgordon and @morganmacdermott have created an incredible free resource for women who are interested in understanding

  • natural approaches to preconception and fertility

  • healthy, optimal pregnancy

  • empowered, empowering birth

  • natural options in pediatrics, baby and toddler care

  • whole-person approaches to parenthood and motherhood

  • And sisterhood, keeping it real and supporting each other talking about the un-talked about issues women encounter in their motherhood journeys.

It's called the podcast

and we chatted about it here 👇

I'm so thrilled that these incredible clinicians have taken hours of their time to film free content for you guys that will help you raise healthier families , feel healthier yourself, and most importantly feel confident and certain in the decisions you're making around motherhood and your families.

They're also just so fun to listen to 😊

So thankful the world gets to meet these two hilarious, kind, compassionate and intelligent docs.

Go subscribe and check out the amazing online content they have for you as well!

If you're looking for preconception care on the East Coast, our wonder Dr. Ana @dr.anarodriguez is our incredible naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist who works at our practice and can see clients virtually to personalize the incredible information Dr. Leah and Dr. Morgan talk about in their podcast for you.

You can click on the link in my bio and schedule Discovery Call to get started with our practice today.

Be well and stay healthy as a mother!


Dr. Kate, Dr. Ana and the Sanare Functional Medicine team


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