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Go from Burnout to Bliss with Dr. Linda Matteoli

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Burnout it defined as “physical, emotional or mental exhaustion, accompanied by

  • decreased motivation

  • lowered performance and

  • negative attitudes towards oneself and others”

And it's a real problem with potentially deadly consequences.

Known risks associated with burnout include

  • Occupational errors by physicians who are burnt out

  • Depression and suicidal ideation

  • Motor vehicle crashes and near misses

  • Blunted growth in occupational knowledge

  • Staff turnover, reduced hours

  • Impaired professionalism

If you're burnt out, it's not your fault. Dr. Sinsky, MD, vice president of professional satisfaction at the AMA says that “while burnout manifests in individuals, it originates in systems. Burnout is not the result of a deficiency in resilience among physicians, rather it is due to the systems in which physicians work”.

This goes for people who aren't physicians as well.

But how do you heal burnout fast, and for good?

In today's episode with Dr. Linda Matteoli, you’ll hear us take a deep dive on:

  1. The root causes of fatigue, burnout, and depression

  2. The healing power of self-reflection and living in alignment

  3. Addressing mental and emotional factors in healthcare

  4. The role of magnesium and other biomarkers in managing stress and building resilience

  5. Supporting healthcare providers in preventing burnout

  6. Practical ways to reduce exposure to toxins in daily life

Dr. Linda Matteoli is a Physician at Origins Functional Medicine and Co-founder of Origins Incubator, who adopts a holistic approach to healthcare. With a background in family medicine, a master's degree in nutrition, and a bachelor's degree in food studies, she specializes in addressing the root cause of burnout and helping patients achieve lasting well-being.

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