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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Free Master-Your-Mindset Mini-Workshop

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Mindset Matters

Mindset matters when you're trying to optimize resilience and performance.

It can make or break your day-to-day experiences, and shape your overall experience of life.

Dr. Kate loves to talk about mindset because IT IS FREE MEDICINE. It has no side effects, it's freely available to everyone to use, and best of all, it really works to help folks feel better.

Theresa Giunta is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant and Co-Owner of Summit Performance Consulting, LLC. Theresa works as a mental performance coach, inspiring and empowering individuals to unlock their true potential and become limitless in their performance by mastering their mindsets. She uses mindset every day to help her clients perform.

In this free workshop, we cover the following:

Cleanse Your Mindset, Find Your Flow with Theresa and Dr. Kate

0:00​ Introductions

2:15​ What is Flow?

5:40​ Mini-Meditation: Remember Your Flow 3 minutes

8:45​ Tools for Resiliency

9:45​ Types of Stress (Helpful vs. Hurtful)

14:20​ Space is Grace: Response vs. Reaction

16:00​ Challenge Mindset

17:18​ Dealing with Hard Situations You Can't Change

19:30​ How to Stop Shaming Yourself for Your Stress

20:30​ Finding Your Why

27:53​ Cleansing Your Mindset

30:00​ Cleaning Your Self Talk

38:00​ Acknowledge, Accept, Take Action

Follow Along and Complete the Free Worksheet

Or, read along below and write the answers down in your own journal.