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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Food Freedom with Eliisa from Cronometer

I connected with Eliisa over our shared love of true nutrition. Her story is one that illustrates the power of true nutrition to heal yo-yo dieting and a disordered relationship with food.

I was blown away by Eliisa's positivity, power and happiness, and I want you guys to know that this is how EVERYONE who's truly nourished looks, feels and sounds.

It's your birthright to feel this way, too! In this episode, we teach you how using our favorite nutrient analysis tool, Cronometer.

You can watch it on youtube below or listen to it on Spotify here.

In this chat, Eliisa tells a story that's familiar to so many of us: feeling frustrated with doing our best to stick to what we think is a "healthy" diet, while still not seeing results or feeling fatigued ad frustrated.

Then, Eliisa learned about true nutrition - focusing on hitting 100% of micros and macros as a way to fuel her body rather than deprive it. As a result, her health, happiness and performance soared. This is a story we hear OVER AND OVER again in our clinic, as well, when people finally learn the secrets of nutrition that they didn't know before.

We want you to have this story, too.

Please note, if you have an active eating disorder or are triggered by discussions about food and calories, this is not a chat for you. Instead, schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call with our practice to see how we recommend that you get started on your journey to food freedom and true health today.

Let's get you thriving!


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