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  • Dr. Kate Henry

EMDR, Attachment and Healing from Trauma with Tim Sosin

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Big thanks to Tim from @birthstonetraumahealing who joined us today to talk about an incredible new way to heal from trauma and the unique format he uses to help people set themselves free in record time.

My clients have told me that he helps them heal more in one day than they've been able to heal in DECADES using other approaches. If this were a pill, it'd be $100000 a dose!


Tim is a Licensed Professional Counselor, internationally certified EMDR therapist and attachment-focused trauma specialist. He has devoted his career to trauma-healing to the end that those with whom he meets can be set free from from the profound impact that their deep wounds have their bodies, minds, spirits and relationships. Everything he does is designed to get to the root and provide change rather than just fixing what's on the surface (which is why his approach and naturopathic medicine align so well!)

EMDR Therapy

EMDR uses eye movements and other skills to help people release the negative emotional charge they hold about traumatic memories and orient to the present. You can learn more here:


Relationships are at the root of many traumatic events. This is why so much of Tim's approach and practice is focused around healing these areas of love and life.


You can see Tim for 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, or 4 times a week to heal trauma quickly, effectively, safely and for good. Contact him to learn about the unique ways you can work together.

Contact Tim via his website, phone number of by calling @sanaretoday at 610-344-9600 to get started with your healing today.

From Tim, "There is far more on the menu than you've ever imagined in terms of love, life, safety and joy."

You deserve to have it.

Big hugs,

Dr. Kate

P.s. If you want a doctor who treats you holistically, schedule your Discovery Call with me today.


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