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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Change How You Think About Mental Health in 8 Minutes

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Give me 8 minutes and I'll undo everything you ever thought you knew about

Panic attacks Celiac disease Depression PMS ADHD

and how to heal them.

8 minutes.

This video was part of a presentation I gave recently to a group of mental health professionals.

These folks know that what they do works when it comes to cognitive behavioral therapy, but sometimes, mysteriously, their clients still don't get better.

That's when you need functional medicine, because so many of the issues we think are psychological are actually biochemical.

It could be

And more.

If you're someone who's trying your butt off in therapy and getting no results then please I beg you, call me for free for 15 minutes.

You cannot out-think these problems.

You need a professional who knows how to get them out of your way so you can get back to living your life.

Schedule your Discovery Call today to learn more.


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