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  • Dr. Kate Henry

Cancer Care Gets an Upgrade with Integrative Oncologist Dr. Sonia Malani

This week we chatted with Dr. Sonia Malani, an integrative oncologist, about the things you can do at home, in the kitchen and at the grocery store to improve your quality of life and chances of survival in cancer care.

So often, a cancer diagnosis makes us feel like all we can do is sit and wait between appointments, procedures, infusions, surgeries and more.

As family members, it can feel completely disempowering and overwhelming as we're wondering what we can do and get lost in a sea of conflicting messages online.

Should we go raw as a family?

Should we have our loved one with cancer fast or avoid sugar?

Fly across the world for experimental treatments?

Which herbs are safe and work? Which herbs don't work and could even hurt?

Thankfully, doctors like Dr. Sonia Malani have already asked all these questions and have spent years studying the research and outcomes to get the answers so that you don't have to try to become a cancer expert on the fly while going through treatment for cancer yourself or as a family.

Dr. Sonia answers the questions we're all wondering, "What can I do?"

Did you know, for example, that ginger can help reduce chemo-associated nausea?

Or that the evidence says you don't have to avoid sugar when you have cancer (and instead, should focus on balancing your blood sugar with protein and fiber filled meals)?

Did you know that intermittent fasting can be a helpful tool for preventing cancer recurrence?

Or that psychedelics are now being used in psycho-oncology?

This episode is a great fist step if you want to become smarter when it comes to using it all when it comes to cancer treatment and even prevention.

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Dr. Kate


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