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  • Dr. Kate Henry

21 Day Restart Progams

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Lifestyle change is hard. Ultimately, though, it's what many of us need to do to reach our health and strength goals. Kaitlin and I have teamed up to make restarting your health journey as easy and fun as possible. These 3 week programs are designed to give you the

  • tools

  • help

  • inspiration

  • accountability

  • motivation

you need to finally reach your wellness goals for good and truly feel your best.

The 21 Day Restart includes 3 tiers to give you the maximum amount of options in terms of building your support team. Here's some of what's included (depending on which version you pick).

  • initial naturopathic appointment with Dr. Kate Henry where you'll identify your health issues and make a plan to address all of them (mind, body and spirit).

  • guided nutrition / meal plan that's designed to help you reach your goals and heal your health.

  • naturopathic 30 minute check in appointment(s) so that we can make sure you stay on course throughout the program and that your plan truly works best for you.

  • 3 workouts per week with Kaitlin O'Malley (KO) - expert personal trainer and owner of Invictus Fitness - who specializes in helping people revamp their health and meet their goals fast.

  • check-ins with KO during the program to ensure you stay on target, that the exercises work for your body, and that you're having fun.

  • guided meditations to help keep you centered and calm every day. These are medicinal meditations designed by Dr. Kate to help you reprogram your nervous system so that it's wired for health and happiness.

  • customized journal with 21 days of inspirational prompts and space to record nutrition and workout information

  • goodie bags of supplements

  • email list subscription with tips & tricks to maximize your results and teach you how to stick with these changes sustainably

  • membership in the exclusive online group page designed to give you access to Dr. Kate and KO and the other members of the program for accountability, motivation and support.

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All Out

Some testimonials from previous 21 Day Restart Clients

"Immediately noticed fat loss around my middle."

"I feel like I have more energy more endurance in the gym and my mood has greatly improved."

"This program has given me definitive & observable benefits in body composition, mood, energy level, aesthetics - and even saved me money at the grocery store & supplement shop!"

"Lost 8 pounds, felt stronger in my lower body."

"This program taught me what portions are appropriate and how many calories I should be eating on a daily basis. By eating a healthy mix of carbs, fats and protein I always felt fueled for my day and workouts. The meals were straightforward and easy to cook, and the workouts were appropriate for any fitness level."


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