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  • Dr. Kate Henry

8 Minute Heart-Centered Breath Meditation

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Hey loves,

I've heard consistently this week from folks in my practice that life feels a bit busy and stressful since we entered autumn.

I recorded this meditation for you all in case you want to quickly add more calm and peace to your life.

It's 8 minutes.

Easy to do.

Designed to bring relaxation and ease into your body.

Some tips for getting the mostout of this meditation

  • Listen when you're in a comfortable place where you can relax and safely fall asleep if you happen to do so. Don't listen while driving.

  • Breathe comfortably according to your own pace. When you hear directions to breathe in or out, just do so at the next point in time that it's comfortable for you. Your breath does not have to be exactly timed to the meditation.

  • Don't try to fill and empty your lungs every time you breathe in and out. The medicine of this practice is in the *pacing* (aka the timing and length of your breath), *not the volume* of air you're moving in and out. You should not feel dizzy, lightheaded or out of breath when you do this. If you do, you're overbreathing and you should take some shallower breaths.

  • Try this meditation 4 days in a row if possible before switching to a new one. The point is not to master it or perfect it but to stick with it enough to allow it to become a practice you can use on your own when you need to add some relaxation into your life.

  • Don't expect your mind to be empty during the meditation. It's a win if you get a few good breaths during the recording :)

  • Remember that the point of meditation and  - in particular, slow paced breathing - is to exercise your vagus nerve, increase your parasympathetic tone, and lead to less stress in your body and better function in your nervous and digestive systems. Meditation is a free and relatively easy way to boost your health. The more you practice the better it is for you.

Warm hugs,

Dr. Kate


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