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It’s recommended that people consume 25 grams of fiber per day just to prevent colon cancer. Read more about this here:

Fiber helps our livers to detoxify the waste products our body produces each day as a byproduct of normal metabolism and daily living. Wastes are collected and filtered by the liver through phase I and phase II detoxification, then stored in bile. That bile is then excreted into the digestive tract, where it binds to fiber and moves out of the body as waste / fecal matter. 

When you under-consume fiber, you impair your body’s natural ability to detoxify your bloodstream. This is not good or healthy, particularly if you’re looking to heal.


For hormonal health in particular, fiber matters because it helps us to remove excess hormones like estrogen. Estrogen dominance can lead to hormonal symptoms characteristic of estrogen dominance. In female bodied people, this can show up as breast pain, heavy cycles, clot and cramp-filled periods, mood issues pre and post menstrually, fibroids and more. This is because estrogen is the female body building hormones, and causes excess tissue to build up in the uterus during the cycle, which results in heavier periods. 












Estrogen excess can also make depression and anxiety worse.


Additionally, fiber-rich diets have been found to reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions to food ingredients.

Some of the top sources of fiber include the foods on this list or from the chart on the page below (which you should totally feel free to print out and keep on your fridge)! 


Top Sources of Fiber
Phase I Phase II Detox
Menstrual Cycle Chart
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