Digestion and Absorption


Betaine Challenge

You could have the healthiest diet in the world, but this only matters if you actually digest and absorb those foods adequately! Fully digesting food particles to their smallest forms make them less likely to cause immune reactions and more likely to be used as nutrition at the cellular level.


To optimize your digestive capacity, we’ll use digestive enzymes at meals to help provide enough betaine HCL and pancreatic enzymes to accomplish complete digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. We’ll also work on ensuring good mechanical digestion by having you chew your food until it’s liquid before swallowing. We’ll have you stimulate the vagus nerve and increase digestion by taking a moment to smell your food before eating. This will initiate salivary amylase secretion as well as betaine HCL production.


To find your ideal dose of digestive enzymes, try the following.


Betaine HCL (Digestive Enzyme) Challenge

  1. Day 1: Take 1 capsule at the beginning of a large meal.

  2. Day 2: Take 2 capsules at the beginning of a large meal.

  3. Day 3: Take 3 capsules at the beginning of a large mea.

  4. Continue until reaching a maximum of 10 pills per meal.

  5. Stop when

    1. You get burning, reflux, or warmth in your stomach, chest or throat. This is harmless. 

    2. Back down to the previous day’s dose. 

    3. This is your ideal dose.

  6. Adjusting

    1. You’ll need less betaine hcl with smaller meals. Adjust accordingly.

  7. Disclaimer

    1. We talked about this in office, but don’t attempt this challenge if you currently have or have ever had gastric ulcers. Keep me posted throughout and let me know if you have questions.