Our Team 

Dr. Kate Henry
Dr. Kate Henry
Naturopathic Doctor
Biofeedback & Mindfulness Trained Clinician

I'm a doctor who uses nutrition, lifestyle modifications and preventative medicine to help mission-driven people live their most vibrant, healthy lives.

I chose to study naturopathic medicine because it combines the best of modern medicine and natural, traditional healing modalities to give people the best options along their wellness journey. My training is as a family physician who's able to use the safest, most natural methods (botanical and herbal medicine, nutrition, counseling, and physical medicine) first. I'm also trained in pharmacy and minor surgery so I'm able to help you recognize when you may benefit from a higher level of care, and can work alongside your existing care team to give you a truly integrative approach.

When it comes to what I stand for, know this:

  • I believe in you and your story.

  • Our time together is focused on your values and goals, not an algorithm or set of guidelines.

  • I utilize advanced, comprehensive laboratory work combined with clinical judgment to find the true root cause of ill health so that we can help you heal for good.

  • I'll always do the medical detective work that allows me to find and fix the root cause of illness rather than medicating symptoms.

  • I believe in the mind-body-spirit connection, so I chose to pursue advanced training in biofeedback, counseling and holistic psychiatry in addition to my medical degree.

  • Counseling and motivational interviewing are part of every appointment.

  • My clinic is designed around connection. Every new client visit is at least 1.5 hours in office to allow us time to really get to know each other and for you to be truly listened to. My goal is to be your partner in health.

  • I am committed to my clinic being a safe space for people of all ages, races, gender identities and sexual orientations. I am a trauma-informed clinician who regularly pursues continuing education that allows me to care for people on a wide array of spectrums - whether that be of neurodevelopment, identity, ability, etc.

  • I have a sex-positive and harm-reduction approach to medical care. Shame and judgement will never have a place in my clinic. You can rest easy knowing that you can always be your truest self with me.

  • I believe that the human body has inherent wisdom and the natural ability to fix and heal itself when given the right support. My goal is always to give your body that support. 

My medical training allows me to expertly identify and successfully treat the hidden, underlying causes of chronic health issues including autoimmune disease, metabolic disturbances  fatigue and weight gain), hormone imbalances, gastrointestinal disorders and more. 

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Lexi G.
Chief Happiness Officer
Social Media Manager

Hi! I am Lexi, the Chief Happiness Officer and Social Media Manager for Dr. Kate’s practice. My passion in life is to serve others who are in need, whether that is physical aid or emotional support.


I joined Dr. Kate’s team as her assistant because of her approach at healing the mind, body, and spirit through natural techniques. I manage our  social media pages, online programs, and public appearance. It's my goal to assist in maintaining a strong presence online from our website to Instagram and Facebook in a way that makes people smile.  I love that I get to be a part of bringing naturopathic, whole-person medicine to the world.

It is amazing to see the impact Dr. Kate is making progress in her clients lives through her genuine holistic approach to healing, and I am honored to be completing the tasks necessary in order to aid more people into a connection with her.